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What good is a paddle board if you can’t stand up? In this section I’m going to get you standing up on a paddle board in 3 easy steps. I’m also going to share with you some tips and tricks to help your overall balance.

I suggest you practice paddling while on your knees to get accustom to the feel before attempting to stand.

how to paddle board step 5

1. Starting Position

Let’s start with the basics. Before you can attempt to stand, you need to find the handle located on the center of the board. The line that runs across the handle is known as the “Sweet Spot.” This is where you get the most balance and control on your board.

The starting position begins with your knees shoulder-width apart on both sides of the paddle board handle.

2. Frog Position

how to paddle board step 6

Now that you are in the right position on the board, put the paddle horizontally in front of you on the board.

You are going to tilt your weight forward, towards your hands. This is so you can distribute your weight evenly along the board. Putting too much weight on one side will make it too tippy.

Bring one leg up then the other. This is called the Frog position because that’s what you should look like. Now it’s time to move onto the standing position.

3. Standing Position

how to paddle board step 7

In order to stand you need to think about a squat. Many people make the mistake of leaning too far forward to stand. If you lean too far forward you have a good chance of falling forward and damaging your board. The goal here is to stand straight up as possible. Use your legs.

Once you successfully stand up. Switch your paddle position by grabbing it from the middle and the top. Make sure the arch of the paddle is facing forward at all times.

Step-by-Step Process

1. Knees on both sides of paddle board handle

2. Hold your paddle by thirds

3. Put Paddle Horizontally in Front of you

4. Tilt your weight onto your hands

5. Bring one leg up, then the other

6. Squat straight up

7. Hold your paddle from the top and half way down the shaft

There you have it! You are now standing up on a paddle board! Let’s move on to paddling.

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